The Stop Smoking Weed Quiz

This article will help determine if you need to stop smoking weed by asking a few simple questions. It will also show you where to get the type of help that has done wonders for me & others who want to stop smoking weed.

Just remember to be honest to yourself when answering them…

Being hooked on pot is a long way from staying safe. The addiction to this so named “fun substance” could cause many social, mental, and external issues that may pester its followers each day of their lives! Contemporary, modern bud is really a lot more addictive and more powerful than what it used to be historically.

Decades ago it was considered a recreational or mild drug. With this kind of addicting components this can no longer possibly be regarded as a light substance. Thus, the reason so many are looking to stop smoking weed.

The strength of modern bud may be so potent, most people blazing this stuff suffer severe cravings when these people go without it. It’s those two warning signs that continue to keep men and women smoking weed for a considerably longer time period. naturecan

Because their habit can be so powerful, despite the fact that they know they should stop smoking weed & do whatever it takes to kick this addiction.

If you think that you could be enslaved to pot, then truthfully address our next couple of questions.

Exactly how Addicted to Weed are You Quiz – Should you stop smoking weed?

I highly recommend you respond “yes” or “no” to the next questions.

a. Has your current blazing habit got in the way of your current social living, impacted your work, and had unfavorable consequences on your own relatives? Have you quit carrying out things that you used to enjoy or cherished to do, simply to smoke weed?

b. Have you experienced a rise in the quantity of weed you smoke? (Ex: Rather than smoking just one bowl, you find your self smoking more than a single joint or taking for an extended time frame?)

c. When you can not smoke or get a hold of bud do you begin to get restless or troubled? Have you ever substituted another drug to replace pot because you could not get any?

d. Are you able to smoke far more weed than you did in the beginning? When smoking, do you have to have a lot more to experience equivalent effects?

e. Are you frequently planning on getting buzzed, smoking to get stoned, or looking for some money to get high?

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