The Art of Bluffing – Texas Hold ‘Em

Contrary to the popular belief, Texas hold ’em is not actually a game of chance, it is more like a game of choice. Basically, your hand will not always be the best among your opponents, but it is always possible for you to win, even if you don’t have anything at all. 텍사스홀덤

Bluffing is one of the golden tactics of a professional Texas hold ’em poker player. Most players in the WPT Poker Tournament have mastered the art in such amazing ways. You’ll be scared to death to face these players even if you are on a 5-card combination.

To master the art of Texas hold ’em bluffing, you must clearly analyze your hand and compute the odds that your opponent has a great hand. It is more of a mind reading and a decision making strategy and only a small portion of luck. Make some initial betting moves to see if the opponent has a competitive hand, and decide if you will continue bluffing or you will just fold your card. The point is, any round will not be wasted even if you have the worst hand among the other players.

The first step is just to “check” and wait, it is a play safe strategy for you to know who probably has a hand better than yours. Remember that you should analyze the cards on your hand, the community, and the odds that your opponent can get a winning combination. Analyze the reactions and faces of your opponent, and make a “poker face” so to speak, for you to have an advantage over them not having an idea what your cards possibly are. If you have the hunch that they will possibly fold, it is time to make them do it. Raise high bets. They can’t afford to lose precious chips in a sure lose round. Make them feel that your cards are superior and remember to keep your emotionless look. Avoid laughing too, as this will ruin the whole thing.

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