Learning About Passion From Our Children

I just spent a weekend with my five wonderful grandchildren. What an adventure that was! Children have an amazing capacity to give us models for joyful living. It is exciting to see their natural passion form everything they are doing. They are bubbling with enthusiasm and naturally focused on anything they are occupied with.

This open minded attitude and natural curiosity brings them to new discoveries each day. And they canĀ“t wait to tell us about what they have learned and experienced. Small children instantly show the whole range of feelings they have. Looking at their face is like reading a book about what is happening inside a human being. the tiger who came to tea londonĀ 

Fortunately small children have no red lights and no speed limits. No fears about expressing their enthusiasm. You may say they are online with full speed all the time. Their creativity is limitless and their dreams have no ceiling.

What we see is what we get out of live. We often recommend each others to surround ourselves with positive supporting people. As adults we have every reason to surround ourselves with kids and youngsters not just to enrich our lives, but also for our self improvement and even for our ongoing professional development.

Let’s take the spirit of our children and grandchildren into our grown up life and old age. By having our heart in everything we do we increase our possibilities to live up to our full potential

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